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About Us


Steel Wire Mesh, Environmental Safety and Welded Wire is the pioneer of the sector in our company; was established in 1992 with its innovative spirit that continuously improves itself, offering products and services for people's needs.
Produces in international quality standards with special wire products such as Wire Mesh, Panel Wire Fence, Welded Wire Mesh, Mesh Wire Fence and Gabion.

ERSA TEL / STEEL MESH based on quality and customer satisfaction, has adopted a trade and service approach. This understanding aims to realize the quality not only in manufacturing but also in the institutional dimensions as a whole, which includes sales and service processes.
Quality and service are as important as value, to offer it at an affordable cost and good prices. This is a sense of responsibility for our customers rather than ourselves.
Openness, transparency and honesty are our most fundamental characteristics that give our customers the trust they feel for us. We are aware that we must protect this in all our business and services ...